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Major Oak Photography Club - MOPC.
Nikon CameraWhat do I get for my Annual Subscription .....Nikon Camera

Full Membership of the MOPC and entitlement to participate in Ventures to various locations subject to any fees incurred for access, fares or whatever. Some locations will only incur the minimal fee of five pounds.

Access to the resident expert i.e. Aidie for advice on buying, selling and technical issues re FILM and DIGITAL. You could save a great deal of money on this one.

Advice and recommendation will always be given to members regarding clothing, equipment and snacks to carry etc.

Midland Rail Swanwick

Copyright lies with the Photographer, please bear in mind I cannot guarantee the subject will approve.

Some Ventures will be private and for the creation of highly sophisticated images and will have involved a great deal of time, expense and preparation, copyright will remain with the MOPC. Members wishing to participate will be informed about this beforehand, those who wish to join in will be notified about this from the word go. Estimated one or two sessions per year.

The MOPC will look to hold Public Liability Insurance for Ten Million Pounds to cover its members. This opens the gateway for access to Tower Bridge London and other such locations that demand this level of cover.
Please show respect for others, and obey the rules especially when on railway property.

Steam Locomotive Midland Rail

Proposed Venues for 2022. ( Bugs permitting )
Sherwood Forest ... Special care needed.
Rufford Abbey ... Special care needed.
Clumber Park.
Nottingham ... Care needed
Lumsdale Industrial Heritage Site ... Can be muddy in places.
Nottingham Heritage Railway Railway ... Special Instruction.
Black Rocks
Critch Tramway Museum ... Special Instruction.
Steeple Grange Light Railway ... Special Instruction
Midland Rail Museum ... Special Instruction.
London by Day and Night.
Peak Rail ... Special Instruction.

Sherwood Forest

Camping Trips.
York Steam Rail Museum.
Fountains Abbey.
North Yorkshire Railway.

> Yorkshire Waterfalls <


Blue John Mines.
Upper and Lower Slaughter.
Outer Hebrides
Standing Stones of Callanish.
Medieval Village
Free tour of Tesco's in Stogie etc.

FujiFilm Seal of Professionalism


Instruction classes.
Rail Safety. Shooting from moving Trains
Panorama Photography.
DualBand Photography
Infrared Photography
Landscape Photography
Waterfall Photography.

Bronica Camera
Enjoy improving your skills and being the Envy of you Club mates while learning from skilled Professionals in a friendly but competitive environment.Subs at April 2022 Full Year 45.00 pounds / Half Year 23.00 Pounds.


I will endeavour to provide BodyCam cover at all venues for security purposes.

The MOPC is a Not for Profit organisation.







Forest Code

Please be Advised ... We operate a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE regarding ABUSE, THREATENING BEHAVIOUR and VIOLENCE ........... WE ALWAYS PROSECUTE


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