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Richard Greene - Robin Hood


20/02/2023  ........ Hayman Rookes Tri-Centenary

14/07/2020  ........  I had a project several years ago called Starlight Falls,  it was very creative and covered several different aspects of nocturnal Photography.  Good news this project is being ressurected in conjunction with the latest venture designed to be rolled out on the Outer Hebrides.  It will be split between Yorkshire and Scotland.  The origanal project was ground breaking in it's day but for some reason or other it was shelved,  probably I think because technology needed to catch up with me,  now the two projects are being combined and I expect some startling results,  but as always new work is not always put on Public display,  mainly for copycat reasons,  but I may change my mind on this.

TTFN Aidie.










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