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  Friends of Sherwood Forest - Musings. 

Good to be back online after such a long break I thought perhaps some comments re the Forest and the Community would not come amiss.  First thing to note that we still are an Independent Organisation and as such fiercely proud of that fact,  in our work with the Community and the forest we cannot afford to be subservient,  I know for a fact that the Establishment would very much like to take control and dictate what we should and should not say,  that will never happen, our only goal is dealing with the truth and that can hurt the Guilty. I do not like bringing forward bad news but it is part and parcel of life and as such cannot be ignored,  I trust that you can understand our position,  we do try and work with all the Authorities involved with the Community and the Forest but one or two are hell bent on trouble because there is a lot to hide and embarrassment is not the name of the game as far as they are concerned,  ......we work with the concept that Public Safety is paramount,  and strive to uphold the .......

Axiom of three ... i.e. To be Legal, Decent and Honest,

  My team and I do not have to resort to some of the underhanded tactics we are subjected to by the Establishment..

The NVC is now complete and the RSPB detest our poignant comments but I think we should realise that despite the so called awards they have picked up for their "World Class State of the Art Visitor Centre " the real issue here is that the County Councils remit was to replace " like with like ",  and they  failed miserably,  there is no place for schoolchildren in Winter to study where they can be sat in comfort,  no place for Artisans or Craftsperson's,  in fact most of the facilities that existed at the old VC are now gone and even Robin Hood has been reduced to a shabby statue outside the NVC and a single wall of old Film Posters inside,  well you can read all the visitors comments on Tripadvisor and a lot of them are downright honest.  The page on Tripadvisor that is related to the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre is subject to constant and relentless comments by one of the Visitor Centres managers,  leave a comment and expect a reply like it or not,  a bit like being stalked.

A new Demon has crept into the Forest in the shape of the sewage system at the NVC, it is producing the most vile stench when the Digester is being emptied and flushed, and our advice is to avoid the area at all costs.

On the other side of the coin we have various projects on hand that do need urgent attention with regard to Public safety,   the Forest can be a minefield full of concealed surprises including Adders, Ticks, and Falling trees,  but these are in a total minority and not something you should worry about to much but please bear in mind that if you do hear a creaking and splitting of wood take a quick look around it could be a tree falling and it could be heading in your direction.  There are usually one or two trees fall every year as you can expect as there are over 400 Ancient Oaks on the Nature reserve and as one goes down another is set to replace it in it's old age.

It does seem as though we have a three sided coin, relates to our work with Epson Wide Format 7890 printer with SpectroprooferPhotography, huge strides have been made in this direction,  on the development side only this past week another surprise bringing DSLR's into Mast Photography whereas previously it was restricted to top end Compacts we are now looking at High Resolution full frame Photography,  the benefits include pseudo Ariel Photography in no fly zones such as the forest.  Pity the managers are such a hypocrite as the local flying club with their single and twin engined Cessna's etc love to play dogfights over the Forest especially on a Sunday during the Summer to everyone's gross annoyance,  no Drones allowed but if you are well healed you can fly over the Forest in your own personal transport annoying Visitors to your hearts content.

Further advances have been made with our Studio and Print Room equipment,  we now have two large Format Printers the largest being an Epson 7890 with a Spectroproofer,  and very soon to be joined with an Epson Wide Format 9890 printer with Spectroproofer ( The Ink sets on these printers are superb ).

Calendar work has not been neglected with a special wide format Epson printer with a very large sheet capacity ideal for the job,  to complement this a Wire Mac Binder has been purchased,  one of the very best wire binders on the market, so Fine Art Calendars and Canvas prints should be on the menu in due course.

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Should you wish to advertise with us in any of our publications please contact us and let us know the Publication and we can quote you an annual rate,  we are not that expensive but all income does go to offset outgoings and it may well help your business.







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