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Friends of Sherwood Forest - Hayman Rooke.

Born 20th February 1723 as Heyman Rooke. Died 18th September 1806 as a Gentleman.

Hayman Rooke Baptism Registerin the Fields

Entry into St Martins in the Field Register for Christening,  Christened on the 19th March and recorded as Born on the 20th Febuary 1723.

Major Hayman Rooke by Ms Ann Edgcombe ...  ... A very interesting read

There is a page on our old site ( now archived ) dedicated to Major Hayman Rooke .... Here.

I would like to thank Mr David Crute a Scholar of Mansfield who set me off on the Majors Trail,  he provided a wealth of information including where to obtain Hayman's record of Baptism at St Martins in the Field in London,  as recording births was not on the National curriculum until years after Hayman was born.

One of the most striking features about Major Hayman Rooke was the fact he was always working at the sharp end of matters,  he is noted as being the first person to keep meteorological records and was always out and about after retiring for the Army,  as such an innovator and inquisitor one wonders if he had stayed in the Army would he have devised new battle strategies or weaponry,  who knows.  Hayman was accepted as the benchmark for a lot of studies as to how they should be conducted and recorded.  Apart from his academic work he was also noted as a horseman and had been reputed to jump a huge 5 bar gate while out hunting with the Duke of Portland on his estate only to look back at his fellow huntsmen and ask why they were not following.  Haymans home Woodhouse Place has a Blue Plaque note He lived there.  Changes were made to the House and arched windows and Castellations added after Hayman had purchased it from his friend

From Cradle to the Grave, an Officer and a Gentleman.




The last hours of Hayman Rooke. by his Friend.

"On the Day of his death he appeared more feeble,  but he took his ride as usual, he came home, walked up the stairs, got his will, came down to the study where he usually sat,  desired my Father to read it to him,  which being finished,  he leaned back in his chair,  and,  in less than five minutes,  the spark of life was gone.                                                  

Who would not wish to die as he did ? "

Henry Willoughby 1806



LEFT .... Major Hayman Rookes Tombstone.  St Edmunds Church,  Mansfield Woodhouse.


A Prayer for Hayman Rooke.

Heavenly Father,
You have given us the beauty of Creation to enjoy,
And minds that can seek to understand your works.
We come before you today to give praise
For the life and works of Hayman Rooke,
One time resident of ( this village ) - ( Mansfield Woodhouse ).
For his inquisitiveness,
That led to archaeological discoveries,
For his pursuit of natural beauty and truth.
For his faith in Christ which motivated his life.
May the forest he enjoyed
And the tree that bears his title,
Stand as sentinels to our calling to be stewards of the earth.
And may Hayman rest in peace,
Until you call us home.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

            The Reverend Allan Scrivener,
            Vicar St Edmund's Church..

Soldier,  Scientist,  Archaeologist, Arborealist Meteorologist and Judge  R.I.P

A small booklet can be had from Mansfield Museum dedicated to Hayman    An Officer and a Gentleman

20th February is Major Oak Day  --  20th February 2023 is Major Hayman Rookes Tri-Centenerary







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