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Friends of Sherwood Forest - FoSF - Campingaz an Apology.

Campingaz 907To all our loyal Customers we owe you an apology,  we are now unable to supply you with Campingaz due to serious and unwarranted action against us.  The people involved do not exactly have Lilly White Hands to say the very least,  Legal action is pending regarding this matter so I am unable to say any more,  suffice to say I am left shocked and horrified at what has happened,  and especially so at such a crucial time with regards to COVID-19.

The sale of Campingaz was our main source of funding,  we now have to look very quickly elsewhere for funds that is why your Donations are more important than ever.

 At this moment in time apart from the fact that despite any legal outcome we will not be returning to sell Campingaz again,  certain people have given me cause for concern with their behaviour towards me,  one such body are the Police.  The evidence is substantial,  but more of that later.

It has been a pleasure to serve so many wonderful people and even to stop and talk about our travels,  you will be missed as part of my world has been torn from me.

Best Wishes,




1st July 2020


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